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Jason Alexander (g85), Head of Digital at JP Morgan Chase
Simon Allen (H75), Previous CEO and COO Roles
Nana-Ama Awuku-Asabre (G09), Management Consultant
Jim Bovill (V89), Oil & Gas Trading Specialist
Vicki Bradley, Alumni Relations Manager
Simon Chen (P89), Managing Partner at Lowndes
Zoe Garner (g93), Northern Europe Commercial, VMware
Personal Financial Educator; Property Investor; Entrepreneur and Inspirational Speaker. Currently Director of Kingdom Property Lettings, EGD Development Zambia, Personal Success Planners (PSP), and Co-Author of 'Insider Secrets of the Wealthy Black Woman'. Bank of Zambia Governor's Award Winner for 'Exceptional Workplace Financial Education Program'. The mainline of Caroline's business is Residential Property Investments and Personal Financial Education. Ask Caroline for her advice 这里.
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Caroline Marsh, Property Investor
Alex Munns (R07), Senior Partnership Manager, Chelsea FC
Ella Seal (G12), Fashion Designer
CEO and Co-Founder of the multi-award-winning Tots to Travel, Robert has years of experience in business strategy, e-commerce, web development, and business development. He also has a background in military aviation and flying instruction. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit Robert is also a keen advocate of mentoring, acting as a Business Mentor for the Prince's Trust currently. Ask Robert for his advice 这里.
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Robert Shand (B92), CEO and Co-Founder of Tots to Travel
Ben Wilberforce-Ritchie (R12), Leadership Programme